PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP)'s story began way back in 1980. A curious young man worked as a dispenser with his father and grand father in Multan observed to practice the fresh herbs for different ailments. Fascinated by the plant's effect on patients, this young man, Dr. Asif Iqbal, the founder of PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP), wanted to scientifically test the herb's properties.
With no money and only a hope and dreams, he did many low profile jobs to buy a equipments for research. The years that followed were a time of endurance and a test of the young man's patience, strength and passion. He spent his days learning about herbs from neighborhood healers and his nights working on the literature search and research. His vision was to 'bring the traditional science of UNANI to society in a contemporary form.
In a time when herbal products were regarded with skepticism, our founder's belief in the healing power of herbs was unwavering. He felt that if people were offered safe and effective herbal medicines, they would come to accept them as part of their healthcare routine. He believed that herbal medicines could and should be evaluated on the same quality and efficacy parameters as conventional medicine. This was possible through empirical research. Once scientific research proved that herbal products worked, even doctors could be won over. This was a great dream with high challenges. But he persevered on despite the obstacles. After four years of training in Unani medicine diploma (1990-1994) and 10 year researching (M Phil) the herbs liver, the world's first natural Hepatoprotective drug was launched in 2005 (Hepotin). He also extend his research in PhD from Hamdard University and Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology (PSG) award him Gold medal in 2009 on his research. The discovery set the future course for PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP). It taught us the value of scientific research. It also taught us the importance of patience, passion and perseverance. We have since focused on converting UNANI's herbal tradition into a range of proprietary formulations dedicated to healthy living and longevity.In 2005, PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP) introduced Hepotin Tablets, a liver formulation that ensures optimum liver function. The product soon became our flagship brand and a top selling herbal medicine. Other brands soon followed including Vironil, Ulsilex and Romatil, products that went on to become household-names.In 1999, PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP) entered the personal care segment under the brand name 'UNANI Concepts'. This was unchartered territory which brought with it new challenges and new opportunities for learning. People around the world were waking up to the benefits of herbal and natural products for their personal care needs. PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP) had close to four decades of research




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    These are one of my favorite winter veggies! I stew them with olive oil, salt, orange juice and ghee. The taste is fantastic and everything is healty. Greets from Norway.

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