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Public Health Care
Rehabilitating communities
PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP) is working with the Prison Authorities, Government of Pakistan, to rehabilitate prisoners AND JOBLESS by creating employment opportunities for them.In 2011, PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Department of Prison Rehabilitation, Government of PAKISTAN, for the cultivation of medicinal herbs at an open air prison, in the outskirts of Karachi/ SINDH, Pakistan. Under this initiative, prisoners are trained on Good Agricultural Practices, provided with seeds and given technical assistance by PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP). Prisoners cultivate herbs and earn a regular income for their efforts. With additional skills training, prisoners will be able to acquire employment after serving their sentence. 

In phase one of the program, the inmates have cultivated herbs on two acres of land on the prison premises. The program will be later expanded to cover 10 acres. Many herbs to be grown at the prison. Those herbs was chosen that takes only 60 days to be harvested. The quick harvest time will help inmates see the benefits of their efforts more quickly. The harvested herbs will be procured by PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP).
In 2012, PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP) signed a MoU with the Department of Prisons and Corrections Services, Government of Pakistan, for cultivating medicinal herbs and also for collecting certified organic dried Neem leaves at an open air prison in Sindh.Currently, PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP) is in the process of expanding this one-of-a-kind initiative to other open-air prisons in different parts of Pakistan.

Contract farming

PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP)'s contract farming program engages poor farmers with small or fragmented land Pvt.To help us with our endeavors, over ten years ago, we partnered with the North Pakistan NGO, to reach out to small farmers. Presently, our contact farming initiatives collectively contribute to 40% of our raw material requirement.

As part of the contract farming agreement, farmers earn a regular income and are freed from exploitation from middle agents. PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP) also provides technical assistance to farmers, and trains them in Good Agricultural Practices, sustainable herb collection and organic farming. Farmers are trained through field trials and demonstrations by a team of expert agricultural scientists.

We cultivate several herbs used in our vast product range. Some of the herbal raw materials under extensive cultivation are Alfalfa, Ashwagandha, Tulasi, Ginger, Turmeric, Mulathi, Baophali, Saffron and pines.

Through this initiative, we have reached out to over 1,000 small farmers, including women farmers.










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    These are one of my favorite winter veggies! I stew them with olive oil, salt, orange juice and ghee. The taste is fantastic and everything is healty. Greets from Norway.

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