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PLANTS AND Dietary-Care 

Good-for-earth farming
Through Environmental scientists have given us enough and more proof that organic farming is good for the Earth and our climate. Conventional methods of agriculture, which are heavily dependent on chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, release nitrous oxide into the atmosphere. The Organic Products warming potential of nitrous oxide is 310 times that of carbon dioxide! They are also responsible for groundwater pollution and soil degradation. Organic farming on the other hand minimizes nitrous oxide emissions and does not contaminate groundwater. It also increases carbon sequestration and has much lower externalized-environmental-costs.
This is why we grow our herbs organically at PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS farms. We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides during farming. Growing our herbs in an environment-friendly way ensures that they are harvested with all their natural goodness:
• To protect our farms from insects and pests, we use prophylactic sprays like Neem Oil, which act like a natural insect repellent.
• To give the soil its share of nutrients, we make use of farmyard manures and vermicompost (a method using worms to transform organic waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer), both of which are good for the Earth. Vermicompost enhances the bio-activity of the soil by increasing soil fertility and its water holding capacity.
• During the non-harvest season, in order to restore the Earth's natural nutrients and protect it from weeds, fungi and other harmful insects, we expose the soil to the sun, a process known as soil solarization. Solarized soil allows plants to draw on nutrients, especially nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium. This ensures that seeds germinate quicker, plants grow faster, mature earlier and in turn, give higher-yields.
This chemical-free and pollution-free environment gives us best in quality herbs, which contribute to making our products safe and efficacious.
Planting trees
In 2009, PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP) partnered with a minfal PAKISTAN—Trees for the Future. The project focuses on planting a mix of fruit, fodder and nitrogen-fixing trees in the Northern Pakistan KPK.
THATS WHY PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP) has so far planted over thousands of trees in three years and in return, reduced our carbon footprint significantly. Renewing our commitment in 2012, going forward we will be planting 100,000 trees every year!
True to our commitment to the environment, we have also planted approximately 600 trees on our campus in Karachi, Pakistan.





  • Meredith Grey

    These are one of my favorite winter veggies! I stew them with olive oil, salt, orange juice and ghee. The taste is fantastic and everything is healty. Greets from Norway.

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