Patient's Care

Patient's Care
Helping diagnose osteoporosis
Approximately millions of people suffer from HEPATITIS in Pakistan without realizing that every the risk of death. The disease is most common in world, but it remains largely undiagnosed due to asymptomatic and lack of information about the condition.
As developers of PRIEM, a pioneering therapeutic formulation for strengthening Liver and reducing toxins, we felt we could take action to address this situation.
PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP) runs free diagnostic medical camps and Health Awareness Program to screen people for many diseases and provide them with appropriate medical alternatives.
The Bone Mineral Density (BMD) test camps can diagnose osteoporosis when the condition is still in its initial stages, when patients do not display-any-overt-symptoms.
Over the years, PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP) has conducted over many camps across Pakistan. Trained PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP) personnel including doctors, technicians and field staff travel to remote areas with specialized diagnostic equipment for accurate diagnosis. The team also educates patients on different diseases by disseminating patient information leaflets at local health clinics.
This ongoing initiative has helped many people in 'high-risk' categories. Early detection has prevented their condition from deteriorating and developing into full-blown diseases at a later stage.
Helping diagnose diabetes
Often referred to as 'the silent epidemic', diabetes has become a major health concern across the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 80% of deaths from diabetes-related complications occur in low and middle-income countries. At over 50 million, Pakistan has the highest number of diabetics in the world. The disease remains undiagnosed in most of these patients.

To address the situation, in 2010, PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP) initiated Diabetes Detection Camps across Pakistan. Trained personnel from PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP) carried out free random blood sugar tests and referred patients for treatment if abnormal sugar levels were detected. Throughout the year, patient information leaflets were disseminated at local health clinics to educate the general public on the disease and healthy lifestyle alternatives.
Since the beginning of the initiative, PRIEM ORGANIC PRODUCTS (POP) has reached out to over millions of people in Pakistan!


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